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Happen Again


Andy Kim - Happen Again

Imagine, just for a moment, that you are Andy Kim.
Make believe that you are a singer/songwriter who left your native Montreal as a teenager in the mid-60s, traveling to New York City where you met your musical idol, Jeff Barry; teamed up with him to record several Top 40 hits ("How'd We Ever Get This Way," "Baby, I Love You," "Be My Baby") for his record label and to write a song that would sell in the millions, and become Record of the Year for 1969 ("Sugar, Sugar"); and composed, produced, recorded and released what would become your signature song and an international hit in 1974 ("Rock Me Gently"). Pretend that your songs and recordings endure to this day, continually being discovered by new generations of fans. And imagine that there's probably not an hour that goes by when at least one of your songs isn't playing somewhere in the world.
Now - if you were Andy Kim, what would you do to top all that?
Here's a little secret ...
The first thing you would do to top all that is to NOT try to top all that. If you were Andy Kim, you would continue to write songs in the same way you always have—from your heart and soul and mind and imagination and life and wisdom. You would continue to write songs for the same reason you always have—because songwriting, the sharing of your music and your spirit with the world, is a part of you. It's in your blood. It's in your DNA. You would do it whether or not you made a dime from it, whether or not you became famous through it. You're not setting out to record a million seller or to compose the perfect tune. Probably you're aware that, if you love the end result, there are others who will too. But this is neither your motivation for nor the source of your compulsion.
Then you'd sit down and write:
Do you feel connected
To sentimental times
Before the wall was erected,
And dreams were in their prime?
And, before you're even aware of it, forty years after your teenage self began creating hit records in New York City, you've made it happen again.
It's almost impossible not to love a song with lyrics like those, and the sentiment within those lyrics—from the title track of Andy Kim's first new album in over twenty years—is prophetic. Happen Again is proof that Andy Kim still has the same magic touch that he's always had, and that all he ever needs to do is all he's ever done—just write his songs one heartbeat at a time and let his innate talent take care of the rest. Happen Again is a work of art. It is, quite simply, magnificent.

Andy Kim's Happen Again is available from and also from Amazon Canada
.  Visit Andy's official website,, for details. Go to Andy's official MySpace page to listen to the tracks and discover for yourself the genius residing in the music and mind of this kid from Montreal. And, if you only buy one CD all year, make it this one. Yeah, it's that good.

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