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I Forgot to Mention 2004

Andy Kim - A Triumphant Return!


CD review by Diane Safir
Freelance Journalist

Andy Kim - I Forgot to Mention

The late 60’s and early 70’s saw pop icon Andy Kim rule the airwaves with such classic hits as ‘How’d We Ever Get This Way’, ‘Baby I Love You’ and ‘Rock Me Gently’. While other artists would have been content to have called this a career, Andy knew he had more musical gems to cultivate. With the recent release of his new CD I Forgot to Mention, Andy’s intuition proved to be correct, as he has hit the musical mother lode. 

The title song of the CD, "I Forgot to Mention," was initially released in Canada and took the country by storm. This pop tune penned in collaboration with Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies has a cadence that brings Andy’s music into the 21st century. The listener is immediately absorbed by the cool hook and snappy beat. Although Ed’s influence is recognizable to the Barnaked Ladies audience, this is ultimately an Andy Kim vehicle. It’s no wonder fan requests moved it quickly up the charts. 

Andy pays tribute to his late father with the emotional yet upbeat tunes "This Is Me." The second track of five is an outstanding melding of lyric and tune that captures the essence of what makes a great song. The wistful yet toe-tapping melody combined with classic wordsmithing (‘Pound for pound I look just like my father,”Round for round I fight just like his son’) places Andy’s abilities upon the pinnacle of proud. 

Andy is known to his legion of fans as “The Voice” in part due to the chameleon-like quality he brought to a variety of songs. The trait is evident again in the new song ‘Love Is’. This introspective tune takes us into the soul of the singer’s relationship world. It is a melancholy ode to unrequited love, which is also an excellent showcase for his multi-talented all-star band. The great sounds of drummers Kenny Arnoff (John Mellencamp, Smashing Pumpkins) and Bob Medici (Lou Reed), singer, Timothy B. Schmidt (Eagles), guitarist/mandolin player Peter Holesapple (REM), keyboardist/co-writer/co-producer Jim Goodwin (The Call and Velvet Underground) and bassist Hal Cragin of (Iggy Pop), proved to be an amazing joint effort of musical genius effortlessly blending in with the tones of Andy Kim. Their musical magic is evident throughout the entire CD. 

The haunting ballad "Without You" lures the listener into a reflective state of emotional being. This song epitomizes the artist’s story telling versatility describing the wishes and needs of one’s existence. The artist took a risk intertwining such a diversely tempoed tune with four upbeat tracks. There is no doubt however that choice was more than vindicated. Kudos to Andy for sticking with his musical conviction.

"Powerdrive," initially released in 1991 is even more powerful with this re-recorded version. Everything is laid on the line for this hard rocking ballad. Words and musical arrangement are perfectly synchronized on this signature song that leaves the listener hungry for more. "Powerdrive" epitomizes the struggle that artists grapple with when relationships must play second fiddle to the dream. To properly enjoy this song turn up your speaker, sit back and prepare yourself to be blown away. 

This magnificent five-song CD showcases the talents of an artist who can truly be classified as the ‘real deal’. Andy’s vast audience will be thrilled with the latest manifestation of this on going legend.

This CD is a must for any collection.

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