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Americans in Space




A tribute to the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs

Group 1 (The Mercury Seven), April 1959:

Malcom Scott (Scott) Carpenter (1925-)
Leroy Gordon (Gordo) Cooper, Jr. (1927-2004)
John Herschel Glenn, Jr. (1921-)
Virgil Ivan (Gus) Grissom (1926-1967)
Walter Marty (Wally) Schirra, Jr. (1923-2007)
Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr. (1923-1998)
Donald Kent (Deke) Slayton (1924-1993)


Group 2 (The Next Nine), September 1962:

Neil A. Armstrong (1930-)
Frank Borman (1928-)
Charles (Pete) Conrad (1930-1999)
James A. Lovell, Jr. (1928-)
James A. McDivitt (1929-)
Elliot M. See, Jr. (1927-1966)
Thomas P. Stafford (1930-)
Edward H. White II (1930-1967)
John W. Young (1930-)


Group 3 (October 1963)

Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin, Jr. (1930-)
William A. Anders (1933-)
Charles A. Bassett II (1931-1966)
Alan L. Bean (1932-)
Eugene A. (Gene) Cernan (1934-)
Roger B. Chaffee (1935-1967)

Michael Collins (1930-)
R. Walter (Walter) Cunningham (1932-)
Donn F. Eisele (1930-1987)
Theodore C. (Ted) Freeman (1930-1964)
Richard F. Gordon, Jr. (1929-)
Russell L. (Rusty) Schweickart (1935-)
David R. Scott (1932-)
Clifton C. Williams, Jr. (1932-1967)




The astronauts in bold white text above were tragically killed in accidents prior to ever flying in space.


Gus Grissom, Ed White, Roger Chaffee - see Tragedies in the Space Program - Apollo 1

Elliot See, Charles Bassett - died when their T-38 crashed into a building as they were attempting to land at the McDonnell plant, February 28, 1966

Ted Freeman - died when the T-38 he was piloting collided with a goose in midair and the craft lost power and crashed before he could eject, October 31, 1964

Clifton "C.C." Williams - died in crash of a T-38 near Tallahassee, Florida when the controls froze and he ejected from the craft too late, October 5, 1967

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