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Links to related sites

NEIL SEDAKA ONLINE - The official site!  Check it out today!
Neil Sedaka YouTube Group
Muziek van Neil Sedaka - MSN Group for Neil's Dutch fans
Artie Butler - Producer and arranger extraordinaire.  Worked on many of Neil's 70's and 80's recordings.  Check out his site!
Eddie Grossman - Neil's brother-in-law and a talented songwriter in his own right who composed most of the tunes on the wonderful new CD The Brooklyn Demos (1958-1961) as well as several other tunes recorded by Neil, and others, during the 60's.
Brian Gari - Close friend to Neil and producer of the above-mentioned CD, Brian is also a talented composer who was strongly influenced by Neil's style; check out his site.
Neil Sedaka: For Fans - Super-cool, interactive site
The Brill Building (Yahoo Group)
12 March 2005 - To see photos of Neil performing at the Florida Strawberry Festival, click here!

Neil Sedaka and Ted Perlman

Ted Perlman - Producer, Arranger, Musician.  He co-produced Neil's wonderful CD The Show Goes On, among many, many other accomplishments.  To check out Ted's official site, click on the pic!

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