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For Peace and Love

Neil Sedaka/Phil Cody

I believe that maybe someday
We will write the perfect melody,
One to fill the empty spaces,
Faces here have never smiled so brightly.

I've imagined that I loved you
More than anyone could love someone,
After all I'm only human
I do what I can, takin' a stand
For peace and love.

Hard and troubled times surround me,
Men below, they have no sympathy.
All the chords I strike are cryin',
Dyin' to be heard from deep inside me.

I believe that maybe someday,
When the world has had its way with me,
Part of me will still be human
To do what I can, takin' a stand
For peace and love.

To do what I can, Takin' a stand
For peace and love.

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