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Christmas Rock


Merry Christmas

Welcome to Christmas Rock, an archive of lyrics to Christmas songs as recorded by pop and rock artists from the 1940's to the present.

Also included are Christmas music and video recommendations pages!

Check out the groovy Christmas CDs (and MP3s) available via Amazon.com. The main category features selections I personally hand-picked for my "store," Laura's Little Shop of Oldies; the subcategories, Yuletide Favorites and Holiday Movies & TV, feature additional music selections and films and television specials in Holiday Movies & TV, respectively; both of these categories are auto-populated with the latest search results. Head on over to Laura's Little Shop of Oldies for holiday gift ideas!

Christmas Rock

Please click on the graphic below to visit Mason Dixon's Christmas Wish Fund. Mason, the morning deejay at WRBQ-FM (Q105), has been at the helm of Christmas Wish for a number of years now, providing financial assistance to Tampa Bay area families and helping them get through the holidays when times are tough. Please consider making a donation to this worthy cause; every penny helps!

Mason Dixon's Christmas Wish

Check out this cool blog by Artie Wayne, which includes links to a whole bunch of cool holiday vids.  (Artie co-composed the lovely "I Lose It When I Hear White Christmas" with Toni Wine - click >>HERE<< to hear the track by Tony Orlando and Dawn on Artie's website.)

Take a look at (and a listen to) the custom YouTube player below, which features a bunch of cool Christmas videos for your enjoyment. Just click on the commands in the lower left of the video frame to move through the selections. (Some of the videos on my YouTube Christmas playlist don't show up on the player as the embedding feature is disabled for those videos; to see all of the videos on the playlist, just CLICK HERE.)

Ringing Bells


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