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Donna Marie and Karen G - Morning Prayer

Donna Marie's Christian music CD, Morning Prayer, released in early 2005, is available for purchase.  Click on the photo above to visit the official site, Morning Prayer Music, for audio samples and ordering info.
This site is my tribute to a talented (and very nice) lady.  While you're here, please sign the guestbook, and feel free to visit the MESSAGE BOARD and post a question or message for Donna Marie!
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To fans of The Archies, Donna Marie is best known for her lead vocals on two of the group's singles, "Who's Your Baby" and "Together We Two."  Since retiring in 1971 to marry and start a family, Donna Marie has  resided in New Jersey with her husband, George, and their three children.  In September of 2002, the couple attended a Sixties concert in New York State where Donna Marie and Ron Dante met again for the first time in more than thirty years!  Coincidentally, it was through a link on my site, Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages (found during an Internet search by Donna Marie's husband, George, thanks to an interview that I had up on my site at the time), that Donna Marie discovered Ron's site and caught up with her fellow Archies bandmate.

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Besides being the only two Archies singles on which Donna Marie sings, "Who's Your Baby" and "Together We Two" are unique among all the Archies 45's in that they were not spawned from LP's.  "Who's Your Baby" was never released on any Archies album other than their "Greatest Hits" compilation, and "Together We Two" was slapped onto the group's final studio album, "This is Love," the sole Jeff Barry production (Ron Dante wore the producer's hat for that LP).  "Who's Your Baby," written by Jeff with Andy Kim, was also a departure for the animated group, with its steamy dialogue and suggestive lyrics!

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