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The World I Threw Away

(Neil Sedaka/Howard Greenfield)

Today I saw you on the street
How sad it was for us to meet,
For in that moment of "Hello"
I found the world that I let go.
After all the years apart
How strange to find you in my heart,
How sad to find that I still love you so.

We spoke of all the happy days
Before we went our separate ways.
Seeing you, I knew the past
Had caught up with my heart at last.
I was young and full of spring
Until I saw your wedding ring,
It told me of the world I threw away.

As we whispered our goodbyes
I held the tears behind my eyes
You kissed my cheek for old times' sake
And I could feel my poor heart break.
It was a crazy thing to do,
But when you left, I followed you,
I had to see the world I threw away.

I saw the streets I left behind,
I saw my yesterdays unwind,
In the park and in the square
The past was waiting everywhere.
With each and every memory
I knew the past had passed for me,
But still I watched the world I threw away.

I watched your window through the night,
How sweet the dream behind the light,
But when I saw your light grow dim
I knew you were up there with him.
And now I wander from your door,
Goodbye my love for ever more,
Goodbye to you, the world I threw away

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