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Tillie the Twirler

Tillie the Twirler

Down at the Bijou they stand in line
The movie's lousy but the show's real fine
They got a gal there you wont forget
She's got the power of an old prop jet
When she's on the stage she always gives you her all
If you know your geography then you'll recall
Minneapolis and Saint Paul
When Tillie twirls her tassels around.

Last night she danced and pulled out all the stops
She dropped a tassel and someone called the cops.
You can't go topless in a one-horse town
And so the sheriff went and closed the Bijou down.
The local censors and the courts agree
There must be some redeeming social quality
Or else it's just a menace to society
When Tillie twirls her tassels around.

You see she wants to be a prima ballerina
So tell me everybody doesn't that redeem her?
She's got to make a living
To pay for all those lessons
So give the girl a break
Don't make a big mistake
And maybe some day you will see her starring in Swan Lake.

Open the Bijou and let her dance
We gotta give this kid a second chance.
Let's get together and maybe then
We can start those tassels twirling again.
So everybody won't you open your hearts
Let's not end the girl's career before it starts
You and you and you and you patrons of the arts
Let Tillie twirl her tassels
Don't give her any hassles
Won't you let this stripper
Trade a G-string for a slipper
Shes' the next Pavlova so won't you think it over
Let Tillie twirl her tassles around.

Somebody get this girl a swan

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