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(Neil Sedaka/Howard Greenfield)
Snowtime, snowtime, oh oh oh oh oh oh,
Snowtime, snowtime, oh oh oh oh oh ,
The snow is falling
The world's dressed in white tonight,
And I remember another cold December
When I held you tight.
And I'm recalling
The joys that you were there to share,
The stars burned brightly and I clung to you tightly
As the snow clung to your hair.
Your love quickly faded out of sight
Like the snow on the ground.
When spring showed her April smiling face
You were no longer around.
I'll be here waiting,
I'll always be true to you,
'Til winter finds you and falling snow reminds you
That you love me too,
That you love me too.
Snowtime, snowtime, Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Snowtime, snowtime...

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