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Bad Girl

Bad Girl
(Sedaka / Grossman)

Everybody calls her bad girl
Bad, bad girl
Everybody puts her down
Bad, bad girl
Why dont they take the time to understand
She's looking for a love she's never found.
And its only cause she's lonely
Bad, bad girl
Thats the way she got her name
Bad, bad girl
All she did was look for someone to love
And they put the girl to shame.
Hey there, she's not the girl for you
Well, you dont know her like I do-o-o
Hey there, listen to your friends
If you're going to put her down, here's where our
friendship ends.
I don't hear a word youre sayin'
She's the one I'm dreaming of
So don't you call her bad girl again
Cause she's found a boy to love.
Hey there, open up your eyes
All I see is just a pack of lies
Hey there, she's gonna break your heart
Im not gonna listen to the rumors that you start.
Bad, bad girl ... bad, bad girl...

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