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Betty Grable

(Neil Sedaka/Howard Greenfield) 

When I used to be a little kid
I used to go
Every Saturday afternoon
To the picture show
Close up to the screen
My life was so serene
I lived through every scene
With my movie queen ...
Betty Grable
Three hundred howlin' kids would always pack the house
But they just came for Donald Duck
And Mickey Mouse
But there would be a world of fantasy
Wrapped in the melody
She sang and danced for me
Betty Grable
Lots and lots of pine up shots
I had them all
And there they were pasted up
Upon the wall
When mama said
That it was time for bed
I'd eat some jam and bread
And watched your overhead
Betty Grable
Just the other night I saw her on
Some late, late show
And it occurred to me I'm someone that
She'll never know
So I wrote this little song
For the lady that I've loved so long
Betty Grable

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