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Kiddio (Go Try and Find a Rainbow)

KIDDIO (go try and find a rainbow)

Catch the wind and ride it all day,
Don't you care if you never go back, keep your head in the breeze
Doin' the things you please.
Kiddio, go try and find a rainbow.

Take your time and think of a rhyme,
If you can, then just sail it on up
To the top of the hill,
Or maybe, better still,
Kiddio, go try and find a rainbow.

Then a stranger one day came a'callin',
Tried to show me the way to the light,
Mixing colours of red, green and yellow,
And I've been allright, yes I have,
And I've been allright Since that very day.

Things are never bad as they seem,
Wait and see what tomorrow may bring,
It might bring a new light,
The pieces might come up right.
Kiddio, everyone finds his rainbow.
Kiddio, everyone finds his rainbow, his rainbow,
Everyone finds, everyone finds his rainbow.

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