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The Dixie Cups - Tampa 2005

The Dixie Cups

On October 15, 2005, the fabulous Dixie Cups ("Chapel of Love," ("Iko, Iko") performed at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa, Florida.  The gig was a godsend for the ladies (original group members Rosa and Barbara Hawkins, and the newest Dixie chick, Athelgra Neville) - all three were displaced after Hurricane Katrina swept through their hometown of New Orleans.  The Dixie Cups put on a wonderful and energetic concert - their harmonies are as pristine as ever - and afterwards spent some time meeting with fans and signing autographs.  For more information on the group, click on the link above to visit their official site.
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Rosa Lee Hawkins and Athelgra Neville

Athelgra Neville and Barbara Hawkins

The Dixie Cups - Rosa, Athelgra, Barbara

Athelgra and Barbara

Rosa and Athelgra

Athelgra and Barbara

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