Joey Dee and The Starliters

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David Brigati

(Below left) At Storman's Nightclub, Clearwater, FL, February 2006
(Below right) At Safety Harbor (FL) Marina, March 2006
(Bottom left) At Largo (FL) Cultural Center, April 2006
(Bottom right) Post-performance at Storman's

David Brigati performing at Storman's, Feb. 2006

Dave Brigati at the Largo (FL) Cultural Ctr 04/06

Dave Brigati at Safety Harbor (FL) Marina, 03/06

Dave Brigati at Storman's, February 2006

More photos:
2nd annual Wind Beneath My Wings benefit, February 2005, Storman's Nightclub, Clearwater, FL (on Webshots)
3rd annual Wind Beneath My Wings benefit, February 2006, Storman's Nightclub
The Starliters at Safety Harbor Marina, Safety Harbor, FL, March 2006
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