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Laura's Music Room

Welcome to Laura's Music Room.  Relax, pull up a chair, grab a bite to eat from the fridge, and let's visit a spell.

I put this room together as a diversion from the hassles and pressures of everyday life.  Originally on MSN Groups, which closed its doors in February of 2009, Laura's Music Room was so named because I own a bunch of websites related to oldies music and the group was meant to act as a portal to them.  In short order, however, the site took off into a direction all its own and ended up with most pages dedicated to content that's traveling around cyberspace via email (such as quizzes and remember-when type essays), with a few original pages - like my salute to the space program and my tribute to Johnny Carson - tossed in.


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Most of this site's current content had been added between 2003 and 2005.  As more and more news pages materialize, the ratio of new material to old will of course shift.  Updating some of the pages, such as the deleting or replacing of broken links, has now become my focus; but it will be an ongoing process, and I may need help from you, the visitors to this site, who can assist me greatly by using the form on the Contact page to let me know of any nonworking links or content that is obsolete for any reason.

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My current plan is to begin adding pages that focus mainly on music, specifically the music of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, more in keeping with the name of the site and its original purpose.

Laura's Music Room is a perpetual work in progress.  I will be adding/changing pages from time to time, then just rearranging the furniture as I see fit.

Thanks for dropping by!

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