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Other Photo Albums

If any of the links on this page are "broken," please email me at to let me know (please put 'Classic Concert Pix' in the subject, as I own a number of web sites; thanks!).

Sites owned/maintained by me:
Visit my Webshots community page, with links to all my concert pix photo albums!
My photos on Photosite
Check out Laura's Ron Dante Concert Photo Album, an entire web site devoted to concert pix of Ron Dante!
Andy Kim Fan Page and Photo Album - Lotsa pix of the hunky singer to be found here
Joey Dee and The Starliters - Dedicated fan site and photo gallery
Ron Dante and the Archies (formerly an MSN group) - features tons of vintage photos and record sleeve pix

Sites NOT owned or maintained by me:
Here's a great site with tons of photos of Ron Dante, Barry Manilow, and other great recording artists in concert.
Eu's Concert Pix - from Eunice's fantastic Peter Noone fan site, Euno #1.  Worth a look!
Neil Sedaka Photo Gallery - from Neil's official site.  Features pix from the early days to the present.
Barry Manilow Picture Gallery - another cool site I had nothing to do with!


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