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In Memoriam

A Tribute to the Columbia Seven

Columbia Seven

On a clear winter's night, seven star sailors flew
Through the sky with an important mission to do.
They remembered the blaze that had lifted them high
But they hadn't felt fear, knowing God was nearby.

At one with the diamond-like stars shining bright
Floating high in a place with no day or night
They were sorry to leave, but they needed to go
Back where they had come from, assignment in tow.

Seven star sailors flew on a mission that night
They circled the Earth, towards the rising sun's light
And then with a rumble, a flare and a crash
The seven star sailors arose in a flash.

Sixty-two hundred times the Earth saw the sun rise
Since the seven star sailors had left for the skies
And now they'd come back, to bring comfort and care
To the seven star sailors now joining them there.

Teacher Christa McAuliffe, the first one they saw,
Said, "Don't be afraid, for it won't hurt at all."
And beside her were Resnik, Smith, Scobee, McNair,
Onizuka and Jarvis, gliding through the bright air.

The seven star sailors accompanied home
Anderson, Brown, Chawla, Clark, Husband, McCool and Ramon
Sixty-two hundred days since they'd first gone away,
They'd come back for the seven who left the same way.

Now on a clear evening, as the jewels twinkle bright,
Look up at the sky in the darkness of night
And find the brightest of all stars you see
Where fourteen star sailors fly joyously free.
Laura Pinto, February 2, 2003

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