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Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages

The site that started it all!

Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages

I first went online in September of 1999 ... a relative latecomer to the World Wide Web.  Except for a very basic knowledge of email, I had no idea how the Internet worked and could only perform the very simplest of navigations.  Over time I taught myself by trial and error, asked questions of my more experienced friends, purchased books on the Net--anything I could do to help me explore this fascinating new world.

Then in August of 2000, I attended an oldies concert in Orlando, Florida and met my all-time idol, Ron Dante, in person.  During the days following this exciting day in my life, I shared the photos with all my friends, either in person or via email (thanks to the Kodak picture CD!).  However, one of my friends was unable to open any of the photos.  His difficulties inspired me to find a home for the photos online so that he, and all my other friends, could simply click on a link.

I started with a simple homepage on Yahoo Geocities where I was able to display just a few of the photos.  Over time this site would evolve into what is now my personal homepage.*  In the meantime, I became inspired to create a web site in tribute to Ron Dante, a fan page where I could display all of the photos and tell the remarkable story of my adolescent crush on Ron in 1970 and the chain of events that led to our meeting.  Thus, Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages was born! 

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