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In Memory of Jesica


An angel who left us much too soon

Jesica Santillan

December 26, 1985 - February 22, 2003

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You were only seventeen, too young to leave us yet
Your courage, strength and spirit are the things we won't forget
But you were also beautiful, a jewel among us all
And much too soon you flew away to heed the angels' call.

During your time with us, you made many people smile,
With your beauty and your humor, your unique and graceful style
No wonder, then, that God couldn't wait to bring you to His side
And now you are an angel, and on golden wings you glide.

We'll always miss you, Jesica, but we know why you passed
Your body's limitations gone, your spirit's free at last
And now, untethered from the chains that bound you tight
You've become a guardian angel for the kids who share your plight.

So fly free, Jesica, and tell each child there is no need to fear
For you are now their advocate, and you and God are near,
And you will help them all get well, and stay right by their side
For now you are an angel, and on golden wings you glide.

-Laura Pinto, February 23, 2003



Visit Jesica's Hope Chest, a non-profit organization set up to help critically ill children

Please visit: